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Were you referred by an existing member? If so, which one?

Required for age validation.

This helps us approve you faster - find your name and #0000 number id using the Discord app under User Settings.

Which type of membership would you prefer?

Optional - sometimes this helps us find you faster for clan invites.

Please take a moment to read our Community Guidelines and answer a few questions.

How do we ask you to help maintain a positive community?

If an issue arises with another member that you feel you can't work out on your own, what should you do?

How can you help promote good community engagement?

We ask that all potential community members agree to uphold the Community Guidelines as best they can. While some of them are rules and others are more like…guidelines…this is what makes SafeGamers great, and we require all new members to agree before they join. If you have questions or reservations, please don’t hesitate to send us an email so we can talk further.

Almost Done! In a few words, why would you like to join SafeGamers?